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Message from Laurenza Buglisi

Founder & Managing Director

It is my sincerest hope that Juno’s Circle can provide a space for families, communities, and organisations to facilitate difficult discussions about the fundamental right of all children to a safe childhood free from sexual violence.  Juno’s Circle has been established with the intention of making trauma and sexual violence research more accesible to communities by utilising creativity and storytelling.  It is our goal to explain research findings in a way that helps make it easier to absorb and breaks down barriers to engaging in what are often confronting conversations.


I am particularly passionate about working with families where one of the non-offending parents has their own experience of sexual assault during childhood, which can play out in both their relationship with their partner and the parenting of their child. As a parent myself to three young children, I understand firsthand the challenge of acknowledging the prevalence of child sexual abuse and trying to keep my kids safe.  I have a keen interest in exploring the effect of intergenerational trauma and the role family legacies and ledgers play in either helping or hindering someone’s journey towards healing.  I am especially keen to support women whose experience of child sexual abuse is adversely impacting their parenting.  This might play out by feeling physically triggered at the thought of natural birth and breastfeeding or trying to navigate raising children when estranged from your own parents and/or siblings. Ultimately, it is our goal at Juno’s Circle to lift the veil of secrecy on the prevalence and impact of childhood sexual abuse within families and institutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do your services cost?

Information about counselling, consulting and training fees is available here.

Do you provide Medicare rebates?

At this stage Juno’s Circle does not offer Medicare rebates to clients and the full payment is required before a session commences.  We acknowledge that many victim/survivors do in fact suffer from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) however are quite protective of their privacy.  In order to qualify for Medicare rebates on counselling sessions in Australia it is necessary for a person’s health record to officially reflect their mental illness diagnosis.  Not only does this require a person’s cooperation in being asked a series of set questions (usually by a GP, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist) about current mental health status, it also means they agree that any mental illness diagnosis be permanently recorded on file.

In our experience we have found that victim/survivors who have endured childhood sexual assault often do not disclose the abuse until well into adulthood.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage to disclose sexual abuse and we believe in supporting people to disclose when they are ready and to whom they feel comfortable in doing so.  Whilst we strongly promote the importance of close professional relationships with healthcare providers, we also recognise that for many people this might not be reflective of their relationship with their regular GP.  We do not wish for this to act as a barrier to accessing counselling.  It is important to keep in mind however that Juno’s Circle is not a crisis mental health service and that people who present with moderate to severe mental illness will be referred to the appropriate services for support.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event that you are unable to attend your session, we require 24 hours’ cancellation notice in order to transfer your credit to another booking, otherwise you will forfeit your prepaid session fee.

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Together we can tackle the Shame and Stigma of Childhood Sexual Assault.  Let’s start a conversation today.

Help contribute to the dialogue around the universal right to a safe childhood, free from sexual violence.  Every child has the right to feel safe, loved, and valued by their family and community.  Join our network on social media to help spread the message that sexual violence against children is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

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