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Welcome to Juno’s Circle

Juno’s Circle was established in 2021 and provides specialist counselling, training and consulting in the field of childhood sexual assault.  We are based in Ballarat in regional Victoria, Australia, however provide a combination of face-to-face and online services through Telehealth.

What We Do

Juno’s Circle provides specialist counselling to children and young people who have been sexually assaulted or whom have targeted other children with sexually harmful behaviour.  We also provide counselling to adults who were sexually assaulted during their childhood.  Our work is systemic and trauma-focused, concentrating on addressing relational trauma through including the family in therapy as much as possible.  We also offer parents psycho-education support around identifying and responding to disclosures of sexual abuse, managing intrafamilial sexual abuse between siblings or cousins, and understanding grooming patterns and risk.

Juno’s Circle provides professional development training to staff working with children in organisations such as schools or clubs around topics such as understanding child safety standards and statutory requirements for reporting disclosures.  We also support organisations with consultancy services including the review or design of standardised trauma-informed assessment frameworks.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enable conversations about child sexual assault that recognise the impact on family relationships.  Our vision is to empower and connect families and communities through the elimination of stigma and shame associated with childhood sexual assault.

Our Approach

Juno’s Circle seeks to deliver a high quality service distinguished by a commitment to collaboration, transparency, integrity, excellence and innovation.  You can rely on us to provide a professional, consistent, and trustworthy approach across all our programs.

Our Peacock

Our symbol is the magnificent peacock, a visually striking bird which represents healing, rebirth, and facing life’s challenges with courage and confidence.

Peacocks also symbolise self-love and awakening and are a reminder of self-worth and importance, compassion, and patience.  The peacock is a fitting symbol for those who have survived childhood sexual assault as it characterises the remarkable resilience and transformation often experienced when the heaviness of trauma is lifted.  The colourful peacock also serves as a reminder of the beauty within that exists in spite of the shadows cast from childhood trauma.

Often referred to as the Bird of Juno, the peacock is also a symbol of the mythical Roman Goddess Juno.

Juno is responsible for the protection of family, marriage, love, birth and children.  While Juno’s duties include the protection of all, she encompasses the female principle of life.  It is thought that each woman has a Juno in the form of a guiding principle or protective spirit.  This is particularly relevant as Juno’s Circle is underpinned by a feminist philosophy that acknowledges the socio-political-historical context of sexual assault within the broader family system.

Circles conjure up images of connecting to share stories and inviting others to bear witness to both the immeasurable suffering and strength of people who have endured childhood sexual abuse.

The reference to a circle represents our holistic approach across all services provided.  Circles are the oldest shape known throughout nature and humankind and have been depicted as sacred across all cultures and times in history.  A circle is never-ending, with no beginning and no end.  A circle represents seeing someone as a whole person and always keeping in mind that their experiences exist within the wider context of family, relationships, community, culture, sex, gender, sexuality, and history.

Welcome from Laurenza Buglisi

Founder & Managing Director

Welcome to Juno’s Circle, a place where we celebrate the strength of victim/survivors and recognise the importance of family and community, both in their responsibility to protect children from sexual harm and their role in the journey towards healing.

I am a qualified social worker and family therapist specialising in working with children and families where sexual abuse or sexually concerning behaviours have become a road block for healthy functioning family life.  I am passionate about supporting families who are grappling with the shame and stigma of child sexual assault or sexually harmful behaviours.  I am especially interested in supporting families that have experienced sibling sexual abuse.  I am also strongly committed to finding creative ways to educate parents on what prevents children disclosing (or adults recognising these disclosures), along with the ripple effects that disclosures have on relationships with family members.

Master of Clinical Family Therapy

The Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University

Master of Social Work

The University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Criminology)

Monash University

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and Referral Information

Who is eligible to access counselling at Juno’s Circle?

You are eligible to access counselling if you or someone close to you has experienced sexual abuse under the age of 18 (regardless of whether you are now an adult).  We define sexual assault broadly as any behaviour of a sexual nature that makes you feel scared or uncomfortable.  We support anyone regardless of their biological sex, gender identity, culture, race, religion, or the outcome of any criminal police investigation or court proceeding.  This includes men who were sexually assaulted as boys and also applies to children who were targeted with sexually abusive behaviour by other children.  A police statement is not necessary to access support.  We also accept referrals for young people undertaking Therapeutic Treatment Orders for sexually abusive behaviours.

We do not take referrals for children if there are current Family Law Court proceedings or if there are concerns about current Family Violence.

While our teleconference facilities allow us to accept referrals from across Australia and worldwide, we prioritise referrals for our counselling service for those people with a connection to the Ballarat local area.  This is out of respect for those affected by the significant historical institutional abuse that has occurred here in previous decades.  You can read about how the public-funded Ballarat Centre Against Sexual Assault responded to an influx of disclosures following the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry Into the Handling of Child Sexual Abuse in Religious and other Non-Government Organisations here.

How do I make a referral?

Self-referrals are welcome however we also accept referrals from child protection, schools, community agencies, or police.  Referral forms are succinct and completed through our website.  Their purpose is to provide Juno’s Circle with a snapshot of your current situation and which service you are requesting.  We are unable to accept referrals from individuals or organisations who have not completed this online form. 

How do I book and pay for a counselling session?

Once you have booked your initial consultation using our online booking calendar, you will be emailed a referral form to complete prior to your session.  This online booking system is used to schedule all future counselling sessions, with payment taken at time of booking.  The first session is free of charge and involves a 30 minute telephone call.

How do you safeguard client privacy?

Our commitment to privacy and discretion begins with our business name, which was purposely chosen for its inconspicuousness and obscurity in relation to sexual violence.  We understand it is a privilege to hear deeply personal stories of pain and suffering and acknowledge the tremendous amount of courage such vulnerability requires.  All sensitive client information is recorded and stored in the software system Halaxy, which is protected by 256-bit bank grade security and encryption, meaning client records, notes, and payment information are protected to the same level required by banks.

Our Privacy Policy is available to read here.


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