Counselling Services

Trauma counselling for children and adults.

Juno’s Circle offers therapy to anyone who has experienced sexual assault that has occurred during their childhood, regardless of whether they are no longer a child.  We also provide clinical assessment and treatment to young people who have targeted other children with sexually harmful behaviour.

We utilise a systemic approach and believe it is important to consider the impact of relational trauma on the whole family unit.  As such, we also offer parenting support and psychoeducation to empower families to develop a greater awareness of issues surrounding child sexual abuse, including the dangers of grooming and the value of trusting your instincts.  Juno’s Circle encourages non-offending parents and caregivers to also prioritise their own self-care due to the possibility of developing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms following their child’s disclosure.

Child Sexual Assault

Supporting past and recent victim/survivors.

Childhood and adolescence are significant periods of development across a person’s lifespan.  At Juno’s Circle we understand that sexual abuse which occurs during this time can have long term implications on a person’s physical and mental health.  It is common for people to identify problems such as relationship difficulties (particularly issues with trust, intimacy or sexuality), substance misuse, self-harming behaviour or suicidal ideation, eating disorders, disruptions to education and employment, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder such as flashbacks, nightmares and hypervigilance.  At Juno’s Circle we are well equipped to support children, young people and adults who are seeking a safe place to process their trauma.


Our counselling program draws on a systemic approach, meaning that the impact on the greater family unit will be explored however this does not preclude attending sessions alone.  Our priority is your privacy and wellbeing and we understand that you might prefer to access individual counselling.  With children’s counselling we take a whole family approach and do insist on seeing the non-offending parents or caregivers as part of our care.


Accessing support or professional training with a specialist service makes all the difference.  We are well acquainted with the methods that sex offenders utilise in order to groom children, their families and the wider communities.  Juno’s Circle know the role that denial plays in helping these perpetrators commit such crimes against children.  We understand the debilitating shame that victim/survivors of childhood sexual assault are left with and we are also familiar with the isolation, fear, self-hate, and blame they can experience.  Juno’s Circle is especially committed to supporting adult victim/survivors who are struggling specifically with intimacy or parenting issues.


Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse also describe experiencing overwhelming and debilitating grief as they lose significant relationships with family members following the disclosure.  This grief is often (but not always) extended to the complex relationship with the perpetrator themselves.  It is universally expected that a victim/survivor will only hold feelings of contempt, disgust, and hostility towards the person or people who have sexually abused them however the reality is much more complicated.  Children are significantly more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone not only familiar to them but whom they love and trust.  Since child sexual assault overwhelmingly occurs under the guise of a loving relationship, it is understandable that many victim/survivors are left to grieve the cherished parts of this relationship, such as the undivided attention, praise, and (non-sexual) affection from an important person in their life.  Juno’s Circle is dedicated to shedding light on this grief, which is often disenfranchised because it goes unrecognised by society and can weigh a person down if left unprocessed.

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

Our Service

We also provide specialist counselling to any child or young person between the ages of 4 and 17 who has targeted other children with sexually concerning behaviour.  Our service focuses on undertaking a comprehensive assessment to understand what drives the sexually harmful behaviour and treatment involves implementing strategies to prevent it from reoccurring.  We also insist on the participation of the family, school, child protection services, and police (if the child is aged 10 or older).

Our Commitment

Juno’s Circle is deeply committed to working with children and young people who have targeted other children with sexually concerning behaviour and understand the unique challenges for families where there is sibling sexual abuse.  Parents are often torn between wanting to support the child who was targeted and wanting to protect the child who engaged in the problem sexual behaviour.  We believe it is possible to do both and our work will focus on creating clear and solid safety plans while addressing the underlying causes for the sexually concerning behaviour.  Parents often have deep fears that their child will grow up and become an adult sex offender.  We provide reassurance that with appropriate intervention this is very unlikely.  We always view a child or young person from a strengths based perspective and consider them a valuable part of the family unit regardless of the horrific nature of their behaviour.

Parenting Support and Psychoeducation

Available in group or private sessions for parents and families.

We understand firsthand the confusion and worry parents have in relation to trying to protect their children from being sexually assaulted.  Juno’s Circle is well equipped to provide family support and professional training on topics such as recognising grooming and responding to disclosures.  We provide material that is clear, easy to digest, and most importantly, allows parents to feel empowered that they have concrete tools and information they can actually use.

Our Child Safeguarding Consultations for Parents are one-off sessions that allow parents an opportunity to discuss concerns regarding suspected child sexual abuse.  At the end of these sessions, parents are provided with clarity around support options for their child and reporting obligations.  

Counselling Fees

Investing in your health and wellbeing

In addition to Counselling, Juno’s Circle also provide comprehensive reports for Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) applications, in addition to assessment and treatment reports for young people undertaking Therapeutic Treatment Orders in the Family Division of the Children’s Court.

Please note that we do not provide formal psychometric testing or psychiatric diagnoses.

Additional Services

  • Child Safeguarding Consultation for Parents: $100 (60-min, one-off session)
  • Assessment and Report Writing: $240 per hour
  • VOCAT Report: Between $330 – $675
  • Business Consulting: $280 per hour

Training for Parents & Organisations

Psychoeducation and Professional Development


Juno’s Circle provides training to both parents and organisations that work with children such as schools, child care centres, sports clubs etc.  We develop and facilitate training for parents that provide psychoeducation on topics such as how to recognise and prevent child sexual assault, dealing with sexually harmful behaviour, and how to manage disclosures.  We also work with organisations around providing professional staff training on similar topics that are relevant to keeping children safe within their workplace.


Juno’s Circle also provides customised training packages tailored to meet the needs of your organisation with face-to-face delivery anywhere across Victoria, Australia.


To book a training session, or find out further information, either:

Complete Referral Form

Online Training Seminars

Delivering evidence-based and engaging content for parents and professionals.

Juno’s Circle provides pre-recorded training seminars that are available online and can be accessed anywhere worldwide.  The following workshops will be available from 2023:


Behind the Darkness

What is childhood sexual assault, why it happens, and how it affects families.


Roadblocks to Disclosing

Why children don’t tell and how adults miss it when they do.


Managing Estrangement

How to stay connected when trust disappears.


Breaking the Cycle

Learning to trust your gut and understand the sex offender toolkit.


Innocent Misunderstandings

Why clear boundaries are important for children.


Finding Joy, Hope, and Purpose

Creating meaning from relational trauma.



Lifting the Veil

How to recognise sex offenders and approach adults you suspect are grooming your child.


Reinventing Child Safety as Parents Business

Why empowering adults is more important (and effective) than teaching children.


Picking Up the Pieces

Bringing the family together again in the aftermath of sibling sexual abuse.


Juno’s Circle works with organisations who want support around improving their delivery of services.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • implementing policies on child safety standards,
  • creating clinical trauma assessment frameworks, or
  • developing clinical case note writing guidelines.

Our speciality is in supporting organisations whilst drawing upon our expert knowledge of child sexual abuse and the underlying principle that everyone has the right to a childhood free from sexual violence.

Our hourly fee is $280.

Our Service Agreement

Understand our commitment to clients.

Procedure around accepting referrals

Both Juno’s Circle and prospective clients are under no obligation to proceed with service engagement until both parties agree, following the conclusion of the intake consultation and where electronic signatures of the client/s are obtained, indicating full understanding and consent to engage in counselling or psychoeducation support.  Acceptance into a stream of the Counselling Service involves undertaking a thorough assessment to determine the individual needs and goals of the client and their family (if applicable).  Treatment recommendations will be provided following the completion of the Assessment Phase, including determining if Juno’s Circle is the most appropriate service to provide treatment.  Accepting a client for the Treatment Phase is at the discretion of Juno’s Circle and will take into consideration factors including risk (to self and others, and risk from others), additional support needs that go beyond the scope of service, and willingness of the client to engage in therapy.

Rescheduling sessions

Sessions are booked by clients online and fully paid for in advance.  It is possible to schedule multiple appointments in advance at any one time (to guarantee availability of a particular timeslot).  In the event that a client is unable to attend a session, Juno’s Circle requires 24 hours’ cancellation notice in order to transfer the credit to another booking, otherwise the client will forfeit their prepaid session fee.


Juno’s Circle will issue refunds on prepaid sessions if the client indicates they no longer wish to continue counselling (no reason is required).

Providing feedback

Juno’s Circle values feedback from families, communities and organisations and welcomes ideas to improve its services.  Please contact the Managing Director at [email protected] to provide feedback.

Maintaining a safe working environment

It is our expectation that anyone accessing a service at Juno’s Circle will treat all persons and property with respect.  Violence towards staff or destruction of property will not be tolerated and may impede the ability of Juno’s Circle to continue to provide clients with access to its services.  It is also expected that clients will not attend sessions under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.  Client recording devices are not permitted during sessions without the authorisation of the counsellor.

Accessing resources and intellectual property rights

Juno’s Circle provides a wide range of free written material for both families and organisation to access on its website.  These publications were not produced by Juno’s Circle and as such each document indicates the organisation responsible for publication.  All paid video training material accessible online remains the intellectual property of Juno’s Circle and as such, no permission is given for its attribution, reproduction, or distribution in any form.

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